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Watch Closely Now: These photos show an Arduino but there is another small circuit board of the same size plugged in on TOP of it.

Small circuit boards that fit on top of an Arduino and plug into the arduino PINS are called SHIELDs.

The left photo above shows an "ELECTRONIC BRICK" that is a Switch, connected to Arduino with a wire CABLE through a SENSOR SHIELD. (The right example is a Light Sensor).This system makes it easy to connect both INPUT DEVICES like these, and OUTPUT DEVICES to Arduino. The downside is that they are a little more expensive than just hooking up things with wires and a BREADBOARD which we will look at next. But they are great for classes where you want to concentrate on the ideas, and not spend time worrying about who has things hooked up right... There are many different "BRICKS" and this makes it quick and easy to try things out.


Arduino Electronic Bricks

LOTS of interesting INPUT DEVICES and OUTPUT DEVICES! We'll look at more details of them soon.

The other part of the Electronic Brick system is the "SENSOR SHIELD" which plugs on top of the Arduino and makes it easy to plug Bricks into it with cables. Here is a closer look:

The Sensor Shield's purpose is to make it easy to connect cables and devices to the correct Arduino pins. It simply connects the Arduino pins to many connectors that are ready to use with various devices like Servos and Sensors..

Now, what about BREADBOARDS?? (CLICK HERE)


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