This is the picture we will be looking at in most of the next real projects:

Arduino has many connections (PINS) that can be used as INPUTS or OUTPUTS. Usually we will use PINS numbered from 2 to 13. (There are also other pins we will talk about later).

Arduino has a nice feature: You can decide which of the PINS are INPUTS or OUTPUTS and you'll learn how to do that in a couple of minutes.

Time to look at a REAL Arduino. Take a good look and then we'll figure out what's there. Then we'll hook it up and make it work.

Take a couple of minutes and look at this closely. You don't need to know what the stuff on it IS, yet. Get coffee or tea. Slow down. Just look.

Oh: How BIG is this thing?? Um.. smaller than your hand.

Look at the bigger photo again. Do you see some details? The Reset Switch? See those rows of black holes? (Not THOSE Black Holes!) Row at the top, row at the bottom. Those are the "PINS" you will connect stuff to and make things work.


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